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Art by Josephine Wall

Elemental Healing

We are part of nature and deeply interconnected with the Elemental Realms. The Fairies, unicorns, crystal beings, dragons, mermaids and dolphins ...are made of pure positive vibration and they exist to help and protect the environment and bring balance to all.


These celestial beings are deeply in touch with the pure energies of the Creator, and are now available to bring you healing energy and wisdom. The pure energies of the Elemental world are powerful so they sustain our planet and all that exists within and around.

Without the elemental world, life would not be possible the way that exists now.


In a healing session with the Elemental world ruled by Shekinah ( the Great Mother, Feminine side of God) you will be tuned with these pure frequencies that will provide guidance, inspiration and healing energy to assist your system in a natural way and be tuned with the rhythms of the Earth.


Instead of disconnected you will increase your connection with Mother Earth and her natural cycles.

Ascension ask us to live in a conscious, mindful, connected way with Earth, honoring who we really are.

The elemental world will bring you the energetic alliance to transform and integrate the new codes of the Earth so you can achieve balance and well-being in a delicious way. Living in a rhythm that honors your energy and who you are.


What you will receive?

- your treatment plan with the Elementals ( check the images below )

- message from the Great Mother Shekinah and the Elemental beings

- measurement of your energy before and after the treatment


Note: the work will be made with energy, so all sessions will be made at distance and you will receive your information by email


What I will need from you?

A picture, birth date and full name.

This way I can connect with your energy and ask your Guiding Angels to join me and bring also their guidance along with the elemental beings.


Exchange- 66€

In the images below you can see an examples of treatment plans with the Elemental world.

Send me an email if you are interested in receiving this exclusive healing treatment.



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