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What is a messenger?

What is a messenger?

 Inside of you there is a place where you can connect with God/ Source. Your sacred heart is a portal to connect with your inner wisdom, to get in touch with the Source within you. Maybe you think you can't talk or receive messages from the Creator, but in truth everyone can. It's not a gift, so everyone has the ability to channel information, specially when you are doing something you love, so you're more in touch with who you are and feeling good. For sure you have received guidance from your Angels, so they are the messengers from God and they're constantly trying to help you, so it's their job to do so. The thing is, if you haven't trained yourself to follow your inner guidance, to understand your intuitive skills, you will be unsure, or afraid to follow your gut.

A messenger is a bridge, a helper that trusts and is in touch with their abilities, to allow the information you need to know, to come forward and help you to give the next step.

A messenger is someone that is opened to receive guidance from Source, the universe, the Angels, so it believes everything and everyone coexists in the same universe, so they are connected and they can co-create together for the highest good of all.

I feel this needs to be demystified. We all are together in this universe and guidance exists to be accessed and be inspired by it, so God/ Source wants us to be happy, to live in purpose and walk this path in the most peaceful, joyful way.

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