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Flamingo spirit animal message

We are the flamingos and we bring you an egg. Inside of its shell is growing a new being. Symbol of new life, new ways and new values. You are this new being, you are receiving the new light and love needed to create and concept this new being. A profound transformational process. Light and love you will need to create your new desires and wishes. A co-creation between earth and heaven, like you never seen it before. Moved by joy first, by desire and moved forward by focused intention. What do you want? What are your desires? Define them first, write them down, trusting the universe is hearing you. Because it is! Trust you will receive the right ideas that will bring to fruition your desires. In the mean time relax, put your feet on the water, see the fishes moving, breath deeply hearing the water flow, until the ideas you need come to you. Be the mermaid that swims in profound waters knowing always she is on the right way. Relax and be. Your prayers will be answered but for now flow. We the spirit of the flamingo bring you the consciousness of balance, of being grounded in emotional times, the peace to accept were you are now, knowing that what you need will come to you. Only moving into action when you are inspired to do so. And so it is From the spirit of the flamingo 

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