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From the Spirit of the White Eagle

I am the white Eagle and today I bring you a message from the skies, a message of hope and purity of the spirit world. From above I bring you a gem, a rare gem that only who is prepared can receive. Life itself is full of blessings, can you perceive them? You already know you are the creator of your own reality, only you can create the life you live in. I bring a gift from the skies for you, a gift that will help you to create the life you want, the one you are asking for, for a long time. A gift of knowledge, a gift from the purest wisdom. A light so pure, that every thought and belief that doesn't serves you will vanish forever and bring you the peace of the Creator. Do you want the peace of the Creator? Do you want the blessing and abundance of Source? Only you can ask this question, only you can raise your arms to the skies, only you know if you are ready to receive. Are you? Some of you are, some aren't and I want to tell you that it's ok. Everything at its Divine time. Even though, just by reading this message you are creating the path to get there and that is amazing. If you are, breath deeply and connect with your inner power ( solar plexus chakra ) and see a golden light glowing, opening and expanding this chakra. Connect now with your heart and see this center full of white sparkling light that irradiates in every direction, opening your heart to the fullest. Your heart is now open and wide, ready to receive all the gifts from the creator. From above you can see a golden crystalline light, being poured into your being. Angels come down through this light and they surround you, they may have different colors, just notice them. They are all around you sharing their light with you and a transformation will occur. Maybe you can hear my screech, I am flying in circles over you. Me, the Spirt of the White Eagle and the Angels are supporting you to incorporate new patterns, new codes, downloading information so you can receive. You may feel a little shake on your body or some ardor or heat in your heart. When you are ready, I will drop a gem into your heart center, that will help you to fully receive the gifts from the Creator. Continue to breath deeply, seeing the Angels around you with their different light colors until you feel a relief. The Angels form a light heart around you and they offer you a rose to smell. Thank the Angels and this opportunity, now you are ready to receive, welcome! From the Spirit of the white Eagle and the Angels 

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