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Message from the Spirit of the flowers

We the spirit of the flowers came forth today, to bring you the lightness from God. We assist you, bringing pure positive vibration into your entire being. We the flowers grow from the light of the sun, the water of the rain and from the earth, these ingredients help us to grow healthy and in balance. We need all this ingredients to thrive and be. When something is missing we do not grow and the same is for you. To be in balance and shape, full of energy and ready to bloom, you need the right ingredients. Have you found the ingredients you need to thrive in life? Do you know what you need to be in balance? Or are you just living without feeding your system with exactly what it needs? Well you are a unique being, with a unique system and only you can find what it best suits you. We wish that you can find today, the right ingredients, so you can keep yourself vibrant and thriving in life. Close you eyes and breath deeply so you can connect with your center, keep breathing and connect with the energy of your soul and say - " thank you dear soul for your guidance, I acknowledge you as my guide, so you know everything I want and need. I welcome all the insights, messages and changes that I need to receive and implement in my life, I am ready! I understand that my well-being not only affects me, but the world around me. When I take care of myself everyone benefits from it" Continue to breath connect with your soul energy and see yourself walking in a field of flowers, you can observe the beauty around you, the different shapes and colors of the flowers and you choose a place to sit. In this place you feel inspired and filled with pure positive energy, so the flowers are showering you with this light energy. You are feeling deeply peaceful, centered and ready to receive the information you need. Your guiding Angels are present helping and soothing your energy. When you feel ready, ask - what do I need to live a balanced life, what are my ingredients? Listen... Be grateful for this moment of peace and clarity and write down your ingredients , so you can remember and integrate them in your life. The spirit of the flowers wish also that you take time to connect with them and with nature, this practice will help you to be in touch with your natural rhythms. In bliss and presence The spirit of the flowers and the Angels  

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