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Message from the Spirit of the hummingbird and the flowers

"We the Spirit of the flowers and the hummingbird came to remind you of the sacred flame that lies inside of you. This sacred flame, is your connection with your sacred power and gifts that the creator shares with you. This flame is always moving inside, searching ways to inspire you, from the messages it gets from the energy of your soul. Searching the best way and matching together, your desires and what your soul knows it's best for you. A combination of desires and purpose, the perfect combination for you to live a life you love. This sacred flame is like a bridge between your higher self / soul energy and your body / material life. You are linked to both worlds, so, both ( Earth and sky) should be integrated in your being in the best way possible. This calls "equilibrium" ( balance ). We, the spirit of the hummingbird bring you the wings to fly and the importance of nourishment and we the flower spirits bring you, the connexion with the Earth and the importance of rooting. Between Earth and the sky you'll find this Sacred flame linking you with your I am presence. Tuning with this frequency of your sacred flame, will increase your awareness about the path to follow and inspiration will flow to you, giving the answers you need, to live at the same time, a joyful, purposeful life. So the frequency of this sacred flame is like a tube that connects you with both worlds bringing you enlightenment and inspiration to walk in balance. Giving and receiving, giving and receiving. When you achieve this connection with both worlds simultaneously, you enter in a fulfilling dance. You do not feel anymore, you are giving to much and not receiving. But instead you move in the flow of this sacred force flame where the rhythms synchronize in a perfect way for you. You are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. You give and you receive and the energy of fulfillment is a constant part of you.


Close your eyes and connect with your breath, continue to breathe and search for a profound rhythm.

Inside of you see a flame, it's a light flame. Notice its size, color and movement.

Ask this flame, to grow towards the sky and connecting you deeply with the energy of the earth. See this flame growing in both directions and feel it's power and how fast it moves.

Now you can see yourself small in a big tube of this light power sacred flame, you are in its center and the codes you need, to be full part of this frequency, are being downloaded into your being now.

You can see light golden rays following down the light tube, and while you breathe in peace, you are being fully anchored with your sacred flame power.

The golden rays now are returning from the Earth and you see them moving in the direction of the sky. Now you are within a perfect synchronized movement, the golden rays moving up and down with the rhythm of your profound breaths.

Continue to visualize the golden rays, up and down moving with your breathing rhythm and allow yourself to be until you feel ready to open your eyes.

Say - " I am awakened and in the flow of life, deeply connected with my sacred flame power, with my I Am presence. I know I AM, I am part of a beautiful sacred dance between earth and the sky. I am ready to flow in ease, giving and receiving in balance. I am ready to live in purpose in a happy joyful way, the right way for me." And so it is

Honoring who you are, in presence and affection

The spirit of the hummingbird, the flowers and the energy of the inner planes"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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