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Message from the Spirit of the Lion and the Penguin

"We the spirit of the Penguin and the Lion are here today, to share the love and appreciation you should have for yourself. Loving yourself, is the step to take to manifest a beautiful life. For most of you, is not easy to show appreciation and love yourself unconditionally. But is there, where the work begins, is not some place else, but in you! The spirit of the Penguin brings you unconditional love, over all circumstances and focus on the love within. The lion brings you the strength you need, to keep loving yourself no matter what. "Mistakes" are part of your growth here on the planet, in fact they bring you opportunity to see things in a different perspective, to perceive others with new eyes and most of all, opening your heart. Being intentionally loving with your being, helps you to be connected with the energy that naturally flows in the universe and from the Creator itself. You are love! If you are love, why not reminding yourself what are you made of? When you practice self loving talk, being kind and appreciative of who you are, everything falls into place. You are practicing kindness and compassion, you are spreading peace and seed of abundance. This seeds will grow and settle and they will be the trunk of your tree, that supports and holds you steady. So say to yourself - " I love me, I love me unconditionally, I support myself, I am grateful for being who I am, I am a beautiful creation of Source, I am loved" Sometimes it needs a lot of courage, to be and stand for yourself, to own your power and share it with the world. It's easier to be hidden and pretend you are not special. But the thing is that you are! Step out of your comfort zone and embrace all that you are and came to be. Let the love flow abundantly through your being and spread all around you. When you love yourself, you are opening doors, for yourself and others, to be more. You are opening portals of light and anchoring the love of the creator upon Earth. You are merging with the inner-planes, attracting all your needs and desires, you are welcoming the energy of your soul to step in and be one with you. You are powerful my love, you are light my love, you are love force in action!

"Close your eyes , breath deeply and connect with your soul energy. Feel safe and relax in your soul energy for awhile. Let your soul energy to connect completely with you, feel that you are part of your soul and your soul, part of you. You may see the shape of your soul, or the color, just sense and acknowledge this part of you. Understand and feel that you are so much more than you can see and say " I allow myself to be one with my soul, I am love" Continue to breathe and say " I am one with my soul" and continue to repeat in peace and tranquility " I am one with my soul" Your soul has a step, guidance or inspiration that wants to share it with you... listen and receive its healing." In support, strength and unconditional love, The spirits of the Penguin, the Lion and your soul energy

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