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Message from the fairies and the elemental world

"We the fairies and elemental world, came forward today, to help you to understand our role. We are the keepers of nature, we protect, restore, nurture, help, energize and heal all that is from the natural world. This dimension of your planet have the most important role, without us life wouldn't exist! We are the supporters of natural life, here on planet Earth, Susana is one of our allies, to pass our messages, so it's really important to reconnect with the planet in a different level of consciousness. Our relationship with the human race, until now it as been almost none. We are the invisible world, only perceived by the ones who wonder and believe. We exist and we are helpers, all that we want is the balance and protection of Mother Earth and all the environment. We need your help! That's why we came today, to ask your help to opening your heart to the Spirits of nature. We need you to believe, so we can gain strength and do our job better than ever. Earth is living a new paradigm of consciousness, we all are feeling and being prepared for this. When we join together, we are amplifying the frequency of the Earth, we are helping each other, to receive times of harmony and abundance, we are working for peace existing in all the hearts that wish to join us, in this expansion . Can we count on you? You do not have to do much, we need you to respect nature and care about it, treating it with tenderness. Think about the kingdoms of nature with a grateful heart and send us your blessings of balance and strength. Together we can rise! Each day send to us your kind thoughts. Look at the trees, the flowers and remember we are there helping and how grateful you are because nature exists around you, bringing you life. Pass the word, teach your children about the existence of the elemental world. We need the most people we can, to do this work of believing and empowering nature for the highest good of all. You can say - "Dear Nature kingdoms I am available to help you, I believe in you, please let me know how can I help? Sending blessings of love, balance and strength in your direction. Thank you" And we will listen, your Angels will pass the word and you will receive guidance on how you can help. After that is just following and acting upon the idea that will come to you. A simple action can make all the difference and every time you help, you'll receive help. We are grateful and hopeful, The fairies and the elemental world" 

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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