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Message from the Fairy queen and the fairies

"I the fairy queen and the fairies came forth today, to bring you a message of hope. We know how difficult has been for you these later times, we know, we feel you! But we are bringing good news, many hearts are awakening and opening and this means many of you are making progress and ascending. When you ascend you are making room for others to ascend, so you are a catalyst of energy, influencing your world directly. We ask you to connect with us the fairies, we can help you! Go to a park, to your garden or wherever you find nature, appreciate the natural space you are in, relax and call the elemental world to support your journey here on the planet. We will fly around you and spread our magic dust on you, we will ask the plants, animals and trees to align your being to your highest potencial and we will work with your guiding Angels and inspire you to access the ideas you need, to move forward in joy and happiness with your life. We are together in this process, we can be a team if you like. We are available to help, since many of you have shown appreciation to our work, we felt your love and we are deeply grateful! Susana is a fairy friend, a dear ally that we know we can count on to spread our messages and love to you. We know more people are ready to receive the guidance and knowledge from the fairies and nature kingdoms and spread our messages to the world. If you think it's you, ask for a sign and you will receive it. When we give our hands, in this beautiful cycle of giving and receiving, we are creating a balanced planet, we are fighting for love to prevail. May we can live as one, in the abundance, joy and peace of the creator. May we can be as one family, supporting each other for the highest good of all. May we be aligned with our true essence, connected deeply with nature and rising above. We bless you, believing in your true power to be one with nature and the Creator We are family, The fairy queen and the fairies"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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