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Archangel Michael message

Beloved ones, I am happy to be here today, I am Archangel Michael. I bring softness to your heart, with the desire of bringing you the peace of the Creator. Many difficult events are taking place on your planet, evidence of the consciousness of most of you. You all are connected with Earth, she is a mirror of your bubbling emotions, your feelings of lack and unconscious ways of dealing with your frustrations. More than ever is needed for you to make your part in this ascension process that is taking place on your planet. It's time to choose wisely your thoughts, your battles and the way you perceive life around you. It's time to care! Start with yourself, nourish your world, take care of yourself, meditate, don't judge and center in the peace within. You are a wise soul, you have the ability to choose, fear or love, it's your choice! Believe and dream about the wonderful times that are approaching. You are the one that hold the seeds for this new path to open inside of you. Acceptance is required so you can gain a new perspective on the facts. Your planet is regenerating, healing deeply all its dimensions and you can help, bringing more peace and acceptance. Don't take yourself out of the equation, awake instead, be your the best version and see everything transforming around. Stop beating yourself, you deserve to be happy and if you want this happiness, you need to make your part! And your part is to make peace and be of service to the planet, offering the best you have. Send love, send Angels and Divine help to those in need, after bring peace within, believing everything is being taken care of, for the highest good of all. Worry never helped anyone! Trust, after the storm comes a calm. I bring with me, the flame of purification and transcendence, with this flame, fears, insecurities and energies that holding you back, will be transmuted, and purification will be entering in your body and energy. You will move inside of you, a transformational process, decluttering all your system. Imagine this sacred flame in blue, purple colors, surrounding all your body, all your energetic field, dissolving all the clutter you have inside. Allow this flame to purify and regenerate all that you are and say - "thank you sacred flame of transmutation, for set free all that do not serves my highest good, dissolve the old and make space for the light to shine within, in every parts of me" continue to visualize this flame surrounding you, center yourself on your breath until you feel it's done. I am Archangel Michael. 

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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