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Message from Mother Mary and the Fairies

I am Mother Mary and today I come with the fairies to talk about the pureness of the heart. Your physical heart is connected with your sacred heart, both complement each other. Your sacred heart is where you establish a connection with the energy of the Creator and the physical heart is the one that feels, an emotional center that helps you to tune and understand which way you are going. Both hearts are connected and they expand their energies as much as you allow to open your heart. First you need to open your heart to yourself and walk the path, to love unconditionally, supporting and embracing who you are. When you are capable of accepting who you are, you can accept others and perceive them in a totally new way. When you redirect love towards you something magical occurs, you are the creator itself. You embody the Divine, you become empowered and aligned with your true essence. You are love! Judging others is a two way energy stream, you send it to the other person and comes right back to you multiplied. When you judge others, you are judging yourself, you are the opposite of love. And if you are the essence of love, when you are pointing fingers one another, you are out of essence, you forgot your Divinity, you become your ego. What can you do about it? Simply mind your own business, simply be your best and ask yourself why you are not loving yourself. Ask me, the Angels and the fairies to help you to open your heart, so you can love more, so you can see with different eyes. Ask and we will help. In this moment, we need you to be love, to give the example. There's no need of more complications on this planet, if you start with yourself! You see, the world do not exists separated from you, you are part of the experiences of the planet, so they're reflection of the collective consciousness. I, Mother Mary ask you to make your part, blessing this planet everyday and sending love to all living beings and redirect your mind to love as much as possible. Focusing and intending to live each day, connected with your essence of light-love. Be kind! Search within the kindest part of you, ask to this part to take the lead, to guide your thoughts and actions for the highest good of all. When you are kind, doesn't mean you are weak or that you will not be in your power, it means that you will act for love, at your best, Seeing things in a higher perspective. Put aside your differences and instead celebrate the diversity of your planet, that helps you to grow, teaches you to focus within, remembering who you are and see beyond illusions. Thank to all the ones that brought you resistance, so they are mirroring your beliefs. This planet is a school to learn how to see beyond limited perceptions, now it's up to you if want to continue to see inside of a box or with the eyes that see unlimited possibilities and the best in everyone with a bright loving heart. From now on, we expect from you, new ways, new loving ways, spreading the peace and love, this planet needs. And we are counting on you' We are Mother Mary and the fairies, supporting planet Earth in its ascension.

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