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Message from the Spirit of the Sea-horse  and the unicorns

Beloveds, we are here today, from the Spirit world, to bring you a message of hope. We the spirit of the Sea-horse and the Unicorns, want to awaken the magic there is within you. We are sending you bubbles of energy and rainbow light, to awaken your magic within. The bubbles are helping you to flow and to let yourself go. Awakening the presence to listen the messages from your soul, to relax and be more available to integrate and connect with your truth. The rainbow energy from the unicorns, is activating your chakra column and all the 12 chakras. A preparation, so you can become more aware each day, of your gifts and powers. We are helping Source to tune your system with the new light frequencies and ascension process. We are the invisible world, but so close to you, always surrounding your being and listening the calls of your soul. We are listening your true needs and working with you, so you can overcome your challenges. We are allies, that you can count on. We hold pure positive energy, to help you to ascend with the planet. You can say "Spirit allies, come to me and help me with every step of my ascension process, I am aware of your existence, I know I can count on you. I am opened to receive your help in my life, so I can flow like never before. Thank you" Many beings are helping your planet at this present moment, call us, we are at your service. Angels, spirit animals, fairies, ascended masters, light beings, goddesses, your soul family and many more. We are present! Connect with us, practicing silence and intending to make this connection, we will be there. We are one

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