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Message from the Dolphins

"Greetings, the Galactic Dolphins are sending you rainbows of sparkling light into your heart chakra. Awaken and activating the colors of truth within your being. Rays of color are surrounding your heart and the right color is being drawn to your center, depending on what you need to activate . Which color draws more your attention in the painting? ( it can happens to be more than one color) Pink- activating unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others. Purple- activating divine wisdom and remembering who you are and what you already know. Yellow- activating personal power and manifestation skills, bringing abundance in. Orange- activating creativity and flow in life. Strength to be and step up for you. Light green- purification of the body and making choices for your highest good Green- activating healing skills and allow healing in all that is part of you Blue- activating communication skills that serve your purpose and opening up for Divine communication. Light blue - activating peace within and acceptance for what it is. Flow. Now that you know the color and activation is taking place in your life, let's integrate this energies deeper into your energetic system and body.


"Close your eyes and breath deeply, connect with the energy of your soul, just by making the intention of doing so. Now feel yourself grounded deeply on the earth, imagining from your feet, roots of light are coming down and connecting you with the center of the Planet. Energy is flowing through you from above and from below, helping you to vibrate in a new frequency, the one your soul needs most, in the present moment. These energies are moving up and down in a beautiful column of light, re-calibrating all your system and tuning you with the vibrations of your color. See your chosen color, coming from above, entering your tube of light, mixed with golden sparkles. Allow your color to move and be anchored in your system. Continue to breath and open up to receive the qualities of your ray of color. Enjoy being bathed in a rich color filled with golden sparkles. When you're ready, acknowledge that the qualities of your color are activated in you. " I acknowledge the color....( say the name of your color) and it's qualities of... are fully and completely integrated on my being for the highest good of all. Thanks" Offer this energy to the Earth, by imagining the energy you integrate just now, flowing to your feet and to the center of the Earth. Take a big breath and open your eyes when you feel ready."

Sending magical rainbows of color to awaken your being, Fully serving You and your planet. The Galactic Dolphins"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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