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Message from the Guardian of the sacred tree

From the Ancient guardian of the sacred trees

"Beloveds, I am the Ancient guardian of the tree portal of the fairies. I am protector of this sacred place, where fairies travel between worlds. I ensure that only light comes trough. In nature are several portals for the elemental world. Portals are vibrational passages, connecting different realms. When you are ready, portals open up for you and it's allowed to get in touch with other dimension and realities, with the purpose of enlightening and helping you to ascend, receiving the energies and guidance you need from this vibrational places. Once, you were totally opened to the frequencies of nature, but this was a long time ago. We the natural kingdoms lived as one with you in total respect and support. Now it's time, once again to bring back this connection and consciousness of nature to you. It's time for you to live as whole with who you really are and that includes all living things working and living for the highest good of this planet. Inside of you, are parts being awakened and remembered, ancient knowledge coming to surface, inspiring you from within. Take time for deepen, listen and feel this lost parts you. They are being brought to surface, please honor them, with all your being. Honor who you are, who you have been and who you will be, so we are traveling through time and becoming more each day. As a guardian, my job is to ensure that only the light and truth comes through the portal, protecting its sacredness. I surround this tree with my dragon spirit and I honor every part of it. I can see you as a tree, grounded on the Earth, with your branches reaching higher into the skies, growing and receiving the energies you need in connection with the Creator. You can imagine yourself as a tree and know your guardian! "Just close your eyes and see yourself as part of a beautiful strong tree, deeply rooted on the Earth and branches reaching the skies. Through your branches a bazillion stars showers your tree, enlightening every branch, every part, of you and every part of your tree. This energy flows now deeper into the center of the Earth, and now you are one with the tree, the stars and the earth. See your tree magically surrounded by stars and call your guardian- "dear guardian of my sacred tree, show yourself to me" Wait and allow your guardian to reveal itself to you. This is a sacred moment, enjoy!" Know, that from now on, you can envision yourself as a tree and be with your guardian. He will keep you in a sacred place, emanating to you the energies you need, helping with your connection with your soul energy and the earth in perfect alignment, showering you with tenderness and pure energy. Thank your guardian for this beautiful moment of reunion. Blessings! Helping you to remember, the guardian of the sacred tree "

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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