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Message from the Dragons

"We are the Spirit of the dragons. Speaking is an Earth Dragon! I am here today, with the purpose of opening your awareness and consciousness about the spirit world and help you to understand the variety of nature spirits working on behalf of your planet, to keep it stable, balanced and energized, in the right frequency. You believe we are part of your stories, legends with no meaning. But these fairy tales were brought to life with our energy, we co-created these stories with you. Awakening your imagination with the purpose of helping you to see beyond. We want you to feel and imagine how it would be to ride a dragon or fly with the fairies. Through pure positive thoughts you can achieve this connection with the invisible world, you can create a deep bond with us. For a long time, most of you needed to see to believe, but stories can make you move beyond this limited perspective and you can access new realities, magical worlds. We the dragons, the fairies, unicorns, devas, elementals, nymphs and undines (water spirits), sylphs ( air spirits ), salamanders ( fire spirits ), fauns, guardians, gnomes and more, we all belong and are part of your world. Allies of planet Earth, honoring and protecting this planet and environment with all our strengths. Our connection with the planet goes beyond your understanding, such a deep love and sense of responsibility and service. Helping your natural treasures to be in the best shape we can. We all restore, protect, heal, purify and nurture, each one of us with our own abilities. The unicorns from the ninth dimension move through air and different realms and dimensions to bring pure magical energy, purifying your system and help you to adapt and vibrate at a higher frequency, so they do with nature. The fairies are protectors of all the plants, trees and flowers, they protect the womb of light, a life force energy from the creator, so it can be spread to nature and to all of you, creating an energetic cycle that connect all of us with Source energy, becoming part of this time space reality that we are in. We the dragons, are from the Earth, water, air, fire, we assist nature and we are also Guardians of the Earth. We are protectors and defenders, we bring high energy, pure unconditional love, we transmute energy, helping you to integrate the new light patterns and connect with your inner wisdom. We are here in service and ready to assist you all. Devas are elemental being that are responsible for the evolution of nature. They are spirits of the land, the intelligence and consciousness of nature. They are organizing energies, guides that help with the evolutionary process. Each particular kind of life as it's own Deva. In your own body exists a Deva with the job to help your system to be in equilibrium, you can ask your Deva to guide you toward a vibrant health. Then we have the water spirits the most known are the Nymphs and Undies. The Sylphs and unicorns are Spirits of air and the Salamanders spirits of fire, all of them part of the elements that nurture your environment and bring the right pattern vibration to your planet helping you to live in quality and abundance, serving your basic needs to survive. All combined they are the essence of your planet, what everything is made off. And off course we don't forgot the Earth elementals, with so many different forms and sizes, like the fauns, guardians, gnomes, tree spirits, pixies and much, much more. We all live and share Mother Earth with you, we all are part of the One, maybe you want to imagine us or even connect with our spirits, that is up to you. We want only, your respect for our efforts and your responsibility and help with the Earth. In support, guidance and awakening your consciousness In profound love to the planet, We are the spirit of the dragons

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