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Channeled message from the Spirit of the Dove

"Blessings, I am the Spirit of the Dove. I bring awareness and peace with me, to share with you. We are living important times, awakening our presence into the light. This means the shadows within, need to come forward so you can be aware of them and transform them into light. There lies great wisdom and understanding when we embrace our "unlighted" parts, this means they bring messages of change, and an opportunity of transformation. Going deep inside, isn't easy but makes all the difference. When you recognize these needy parts of you, when you learn there lessons you become free. Free from limited perspectives, free to let the light in, free to move forward with your eyes and heart more opened. When you understand where your resistances are, and what they are trying to show you, you open up and all the support you need, to come through this blockage, is given to you. Giving you the chance to awake, clarity, space within, being ready to start over in new way and see further. When you learn a lesson, is always your's to keep and that is a wonderful thing. It's like a staircase in from of you that you can climb and each time you are taking one big step further. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath, with the intention of opening your heart, breathe deeply and imagine your heart expanding and opening. If you need give a massage to your chest, intending to release the old and opening up and continue to breathe. Center yourself and see you grounded on the Earth, steady and powerfully standing for yourself and your well being. Imagine an object that brings you this presence and feeling of being in your power. Now see the light from the Earth coming from your feet, enlightening all parts of you and let this light reach the skies. The light brings you presence and is awakening you inner power. You can feel your Solar plexus chakra surrounded by this light, clearing all the past patterns that do not serve you anymore, clearing and transmuting all the energy, that is preventing you from being in your power and clearing the way. Feel the energy moving and being released, moving out of you and say - "thank you for all that you have teach me, now I am ready to move forward, I release you for all time, space, dimensions and reality, from now on, I am totally present and in my inner power. I AM!" Feel this energy moving from your solar plexus chakra to your Heart center, so this energy co-exists in both, bringing you a Power connected with your light, love truth. Now, you can see me, the spirit of the Dove flying in front of you, and I bring a gift, receive it .... and keep it in your heart. Now I am flying over you, moving my wings and spreading the energy of peace through your chakra column , your body, your mind, your heart, your energy field, all that you are. And now stay, embraced by this peaceful energy that I am sending to you. Allow this energy to go to all hidden places and restore all that is part of you in harmony and peace. When you feel ready, just breath deeply and open your eyes in this new peaceful energy that is with you. Blessing you with eternal peace, I am the Spirit of the Dove."

Channeled by Susana Tavares on November 28, 2017

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