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Message from the Spirit of the Eagle and the fairies of the universe ✨

"I am the Spirit of the Eagle and I bless one and each of you reading this message. I am here today with the fairies of the universe, to speak about compassion. Compassion with yourself and others. It's easy to look into your world and see so many things that displease you, but it's time for you to be in your power and to learn and remember to choose the best for you and in consequence for the planet. We can see you hold yourself much time in a lower place, a place that do not serves you! It's time to move to different place, a place that vibrates higher, that brings you positive feelings, that put you vibrating at your best. You can achieve this, when you choose wisely where you put your attention upon, it's time to question yourself - is this putting me in a good place? Am I feeling good seeing, listening, taking part of this? You are the co-creator of your own reality, you are the one who can choose what feels good to you, you are the one, that can put yourself in lower or higher places. Where do you want to stand upon? Up or down? Well I think you and I know the answer, all that you want is to be happily ever after! You want to feel good, filled with joy and abundance, right? So what are you waiting for? You just need to choose wisely, you need to bring compassion in. When you are compassionate with yourself treating yourself as you deserve and this means treat yourself really, really well, you are anchoring peace on Earth, you are influencing the well-being of your planet. You already know, it doesn't start somewhere else, it start in you and only you. So you are the one that needs to take care, you are the one that is responsible. So act like you mean it! If you want peace on Earth, be peaceful and kind, if you want abundance, stop thinking poorly, if you want happiness, look for things that makes you happy! You can do this, we know you can! It's time to to fly in the direction of the wind, in flow and happiness. You just need to be what you want! Really ask yourself, what do you want to achieve more in your life and embody this energy, so you can manifest it in your life. It's really up to you! Call your Guides and Allies and say - " I want (what you want to achieve) ...., thank you to all my allies to help me to align my being to manifest more of .... into my life" In assertiveness and compassion, Loving you beyond words, the spirit of the Eagle and the fairies of the universe

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