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Start today! Message from the fairies and the elemental world

"Today at this important day, where a cosmic portal opens upon the Earth, bringing new codes of ascension to be received and activated in you and your planet. We the fairies and the elemental world are helping to overseeing this process, granting so, this new vibration to be attuned and received by you and nature. All the ones ready, will give a quantum leap, advancing to integrate and starting to live upon the fifth dimension consciousness. Even, if all of you, be affected by the energies of this portal, much steps and awakening is needed for the most of the ones that live upon this planet. The signs of this awakening are everywhere, some disregard them, some live overwhelmed by illusion, but some are already awakening and moving forward, teaching others how to do it. New times, bring new ways. New ideas, new efforts to be in alignment with the soul. Please leave behind your old you and search for the new. Be willing to learn and accept these new times. Look for inspiration! Many teacher are available to you, helping you on this process of ascension. Through the messages many of you can start to get glimpses and ways to welcome changes to unfold within. Therefore, is important for you, to conscious accept and embrace this process of transformation. Start today, giving one step! Starting is the most important the rest will come naturally. Put yourself available, say it out loud- "I am ready to change and become who I came to be. Thank you for the guidance provided! I am ready to start! From now on I want to rediscover who I am, I want to be and grow in consciousness. Not what I've learned from others, but my real me. So many layers to dig into, but it will be so worth it. I want the truth! I want to live awakened! Within me there's an endless treasure, ready to be discovered and lived in joy by me." May this words inspire you, putting yourself walking into the direction of the new Earth. In hope and inspiration, The fairies and the elemental world"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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