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Awake the joy within- message from the Fairies

"I am Alana the fairy. I am here today, full of joy and happiness to share with you, a message from the Fairy consciousness. We are thrilled to see, each day, more and more of you believing and remembering the fairies and elemental world. Thank you! Today, I want to share, how you can awake the joy within you. We, the fairies, love to play, dance and celebrate. We honor and make all that we can, to keep us joyful. We believe, when you are connected with the energy of joy, you can make everything in a ease and flow way. We love to make everything more happy, because happiness is magical! Don't you agree? The energy of joy and happiness is alive inside of you. But we can see most of you forgetting to nourish and grow this energy, becoming all the time, emerged in worries and tasks to do. We the fairies, have always lots of work to do, but when we work, we work with love and when we are on our free time, we always invite joy to come and join us. Every time you think in joy you are activating this frequency. So, the more you think about being joyful and invite joy to come along with you, the more this energy will grow and stay for the day. Maybe you can think- what are the things that make me joyful and happy? What can I do now, to invite more joy into my life? You know, you have the purpose to be happy on your planet, not otherwise! Even with all the challenges, it's up to you, to change the way you deal with your life! Don't you think it would be great, to feel more lighter, almost you could be like a fairy, with wings to fly in joy and grace? We are holding this vision of you, rising above and allow love and joy to flow easily through your entire system. You, becoming a beckon of joy and light! Connect with the painting above, with the intention of raising your energy of joy and happiness. While you are looking at me, center your attention in my eyes. Just breathe and allow the energy of the fairies awakening the energy of joy within you. Surrender all the worries and allow the beauty of happiness to touch your life. You deserve to celebrate life! You deserve to feel abundantly happy! From now on, we will be with you, to guide you toward feeling good and embracing more happiness and releasing your worries in a positive way. You just need to think about joy and us the fairies, so we can join you. There are some activities that will boost your energy and will help you always. Connect with nature, go to a park, speak with the trees, listen gentle nature sounds if you are indoors, listen happy music, sing and dance, see something that makes you laugh or join with people that are uplifting and positive. These are some general ideas that work for almost everyone, but if you invite us, we can help you to find activities that are perfect for you and spread our magic dust to give a boost every time you need. Because we want to see you smile and happy, I am Alana, bringing fairy consciousness forward "

Channeled message by Susana Tavares

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