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Christmas blessings- message from Jesus

I am Jesus and I am here today talking through Susana to bring to you the blessings of Christmas. Christmas, Christ, Christic energy, they are all the same. I wish, that you at this time, remember intentionally the meaning of Christ, symbol of the Christic energy, the symbol of unconditional love. I wish, that you embody this powerful vibration of love without conditions and become once more connected with your true essence. Feel my presence within you, feel my energy expanding your heart, embracing with all that is me, embracing all that is you. Honoring who you represent in truth. The true love of the Creator! May the Christic energy bless your home, your family, your belongings, but most of all, bringing you back to the real spirit of Christmas. That is, the celebration of love within all hearts, the expansion of the Christic energy, holding the light within, elevating the spirits and becoming one in connection with your Source. Repeat with me - I Am Presence, I Am Love, I Am Divine consciousness, I Am Peace, I Am the Earth, I Am who I Am, I Am pure Grace, I Am Bliss, I Am who I Am! I Am connected once more with the presence of unconditional love, I Am this energy and I spread this vibration wherever I go. I Am who I Am. May I allow, the flow of unconditional love to expand and become more each day. May I be who I came to be. May I receive Jesus in my heart and give hands with him, honoring my essence of love. May I think and express kindness. May I hold within the sacred peace of the Creator. May I be a symbol of happiness and Joy. May I be abundance in movement. May I be who I Am. I bless all the Hearts reading this message. You will feel your heart expanded, ready to be a beacon of light, expressing through your being my intentions for you, to be Love in action! I leave you now, honored to be part of your life. In unconditional Love, I Am Jesus

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