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Message from Dana the fairy queen

"I am Dana, the fairy of the Celtic lands of Ireland, queen of Tuatha De Danann. I wish to inspire you, like I inspire the fairies of my kingdom, to bring forth the best in them always. The Celtic lands of Ireland are full of magic and stories about my people, back then we we're fighters, we wanted to protect our kingdom and many battles were fought. Times have changed and our connection with the people were getting weaker over time. Even so, there was always in me, the concern of our connection with humans to be present and never to be forgotten. We share this planet, who all wants to see at its best. We believe the battles of today are battles of love, of joining together, of strengthening each other, empowering what each and one of us has best and raising above, centered on the peace of the Creator, that we hold within. And be this presence, even in the harshest times. Know that all your pains will be healed, know that all you problems will be resolved, know that is light in the end of the tunnel. And this light is shining, guiding to the way out. Bring peace within, trust in the process, that is being conducted for your highest good, even if you can not understand it. Know that ALL is being taking care of, you just need to walk this path in faith until everything unfolds and the path reveals itself to you. Don't fight my love, those times are finished, put down your weapons and raise your arms to the light, trust the Higher Wisdom that rules all this universe, trust that you will be inspired and with no doubt that you will get there! Not easy times, we know! But you are warriors of the light, like my people! You have the strength and the ability to get through all the challenges and still know in your heart everything will be ok! Rest in your pain, in your challenges and surrender! All will be resolved and your REBIRTH will soon be complete, in all its glory! When you walk in the darkness, holding the light within there's not a chance to not find the light. Each morning, start your day seeing this light growing from your center until it surrounds all of who you are, allowing it to show you the way. Step by step, with gentleness and love you will get there! I bless your heart with the faith and gentleness that the Creator gifted the fairies. May these qualities be with you, opening up more each day until you find yourself in the light. From Celtic land, I am Dana" 

Channeled by Susana Tavares 

December 26, 2017

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