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Blessings from the Angels of Abundance for 2018

The Angels of Abundance show up today to bless the new 2018 🌟 read their message below. Wishing you an amazing year full of new possibilities opening up for you, aligned with your soul purpose and highest good. Thank you for all your support 💖 . " We are the Angels of Abundance and we are here today to bless you in these new beginnings when a new year is about to start 🌟 2018 will be a year of opportunity and opening doors, if you are ready to embrace your real purpose on the Earth and play the role you came to play in service of your planet. The inner planes are sending to all of you guidance and signs for you to follow. A real calling is shouting inside of you. It's not time to pretend that it's not there, but instead follow and embrace the guidance of the Creator that is shouting for you to hear. The new Earth brings new values, new ways of living and new paths to follow, so you can live deeply in connection with your soul wisdom and be of service in the most joyful, perfect way for you. For this to happen you need to slow down and listen the guidance that is already there for you to receive. Make yourself available to receive. Being always busy isn't the way, the way is the balanced way. Hear your emotions and take time to nurture your body and spirit. When you are available, connected, opened things will flow through you and you'll gain clarity to the steps you need to take. Make this process simple, just by making time to be with yourself, meditating, resting, listening, connecting within. Everything is set up for you, there is so much spiritual abundance available for you in this time space reality. Open your arms for abundance, claim and receive what is from right yours. Stop pretending and become at your best for receive the abundance in all its forms. We the Angels of abundance, bless you in this new year of 2018, showering with abundant blessings the ones who are ready to take a leap of faith and act upon their hearts truest desires. In abundance always, We are the Angels of Abundance " ✨🌟☀️💫

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