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Get your wings and fly - message with the Spirit of the Dragon and the Butterfly

"Dear ones, we the spirit of the Dragon and the butterfly, joined here today to talk about how you can use your wings. We both, share the gift of having wings. With our wings we fly and they lift us up to anywhere we want to go. We move our wings and through the air we flow. Is a wonderful sensation, the one of flying! A sense of freedom fills all your heart and then joy takes place, moving into the air and playing with the wind. Really a blessing to be able to use our wings, to move trough life. You know, in a way, you also have the ability to move in life with your own pair of wings. It's true, you can not see them, or fly like us, but that's why we are here, to show you that you can use and have your special pair of wings. They are ethereal wings, light wings, and they move in tune with the sound of your soul. You know, your soul sings a song, one that is particular and unique to you. A song that only you can tune in, and understand it completely. When you follow the melody of your song, you are flying! You are in sync with the vibration of your soul, moving your wings in the right direction. Feeling the air on your face, with your wings open wide, face lift up and a big smile on your face. When you feel like this, remember that you are flying! Maybe you are asking yourself how can you do this. Well, in fact is really simple, so if you are ready to fly, close your eyes and come with us for a while.

Hear the meditation

Continue with your eyes closed, relax, tune yourself with your center, breathing deeply, to open your lungs and then, just move to a breathing that feels comfortable to you. Now, you will see me, the dragon, flying around you and with my light fire, I am forming a big ball of light that surrounds all that you are. This soft blue light ball, emanates to your energetic field the energy of the Air. Is an energy os lightness, pureness, flow and openness. Let this energy to move in and continue to breathe, opening your chest to allow even more this energy of the air, to flow through you. The elementals of the air, the sylphs are coming in, preparing your system to open and relax, so you can use your wings. A fresh energy will flow trough your body now, continue to breath and stay relaxed until the energy of the air, delivers to you the appropriate download of energy you need. Receive it and and take your time to integrate it in your system. Stay for awhile! You can see now, the blue light, flowing into your column of chakras and from this light a beautiful pair of wings born on your back. You can see they are slightly moving and you a take a time to look at their shape and colors... Say to yourself- I have wings, I am ready to fly and tune in with the energy of my soul. I am ready to listen my soul song and flow with it. Move this energy down, and ground it into the Earth. Now, move your wings and fly, move out of the light ball, and see yourself flying through the universe along with the dragon and millions of butterflies. Feel the joy and enthusiasm of being ready to fly! Thank to all the spirits here present today, for the opportunity and blessings received. Trust that you are ready! Wishing you good flights with your new wings, The dragon and the butterflies "

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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