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Message from the Grizzly bear spirit animal- Honoring the cycles

"I am the Spirit of the Grizzly Bear and with me the spirit of the woods and the forests. We bring the energy of rejuvenation, rebirth and life itself. All nature is in constant mutation and renewal, we live the cycles of the Earth and our own cycles. The winter is a time to surrender, to rest, to make space for spring, the new to come. The summer time of celebration, to come outside and rejoice in the warmth of the sun and the Autumn a time of abundance, to collect for the winter and to let go of the old. All life lives in cycles, that should be respected and cherished. Your connection with the Earth is also about living and respecting the cycles. This way you will be in tune with nature, the planet and your natural rhythms. As you know we are all connected, we are part of you and you are part of us. This is so important, the bond that exists between all living things, all that is, and how we embrace and honor this connection. Inside of you exists a sacred temple, the temple of your sacred heart. There, you can connect with ALL THAT IS. Here you can live the sacred energies of the Creator and sync with the cycles of the Earth and your personal cycles. When you gather the energies of the Creator, the Earth and your own, you are in tune with the flow of life. You are respecting and honoring all dimensions of you. The sacred trinity of Mother Earth, you and father sky. We talk today about cycles, so you can be more aware on how you can hear the whispers of you own path and sacred rhythms. To do this come inside, enter in your personal sacred space and just be within allowing the flow of all living things, to flow through you and regenerate, rebirth, revitalize and sync you naturally with, the Earth, the sky who you really are. There you join together with ALL THAT IS and become the expression of this 3 dimensions in perfection and balance. All you have to do is come inside with the intention of gathering inside with this divine dimensions that are part of you, the rest will become for itself, you will know, you will remember, you will follow, you will feel, you will flow. You will natural respect the cycles and dimensions of you, because you are tuned with the frequencies of the ALL THAT IS. The Creator loves simplicity, be simple, you just need you, your heart and your intentions. Nothing more! With Simplicity you will walk a big distance, if you compromise with the process a bit everyday. This way, you will be able to make your rebirth with the Earth and be in sync with the cycles and follow it in the front row. Becoming this way a helper of this process to unfold in more easy way for everyone and the Earth itself. When you facilitate things for you, you are anchoring this energy on the planet so others can experience this connection and make the rebirth with the Earth and enter more quickly in the Golden era. We welcome you, and stand in positive expectation for you to break free. I am the Spirit of the Bear "

Channeled by Susana Tavares

Note: All that is - is the energy of Source the Creator of all things

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