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The Magic Flame with the Fairies

"From the Fairy world, we come today, to bring blessings and wisdom. The fairies, wish to share with you the qualities of the Magical Flame. The Magical Flame, is an energy that comes from above and from below, is the Magical Flame of life itself. It's the power and strength, it's light and love, it's movement and continuity, it's breath, its flow, its magic! This Magical Flame burns inside of you, moving and expanding according to your level of openness and connection with your inner being or soul energy. The Magical Flame is the culmination, an intersection between the energy of the Earth and the energy of Source. When you connect with the Magical flame, that's how we call it, you become active part of the flame. So you can activate this energy and easily receive awareness and wisdom from the consciousness of the Earth, intertwined with the elemental world and all kingdoms of nature and from above, from the Angels, ascended masters and the Creator itself. Doing this connection is bringing an amazing power, syncing you with qualities of the Creator and from the Earth, allowing you to receive what you need to know in Divine timing. How can you do this? First- imagine a flame in tones of green, white and golden, in front of you. Look at this flame and focus upon its movement and shape. Second - claim this flame, saying "I claim the power of the Magical Flame, I allow the flame to become part of me". See the flame moving toward you and become one with you. See the flame growing and take its place in your energetic system. You can see the flame around you, or choosing a place to be. Just follow your intuition! Third- say "The Magical Flame is now part of my being and I allow it to flow and become part of who I am. This flame brings me the awareness, wisdom and clarity I need in my life and is guiding me for my highest good. I now integrate the qualities of the magical flame knowing its sacredness and power. Surrendering to its wisdom manifested through me. I am one with the Magical Flame 🔥 " From now on, that you are aware of this energy, you can access it anytime the power and wisdom of your Magical Flame. You only have to make the intention of doing so and access the power within the flame. You can call the Magical Flame or you can visualize the flame in your heart, around you, wherever you have placed your flame. Be aware when you call this energy you will access higher knowledge, that is to be respected and followed. So it's sacred Divine energy poured into your being and accessed to become part of your actions or life style. If you do not use it for the highest good and the respect needed the access will be restricted. Sharing blessing and gifts from above and from below, May you be actively connected with the highest wisdom, we are the fairies"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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