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How to flow in life with the Fairies of the air - channeled message

"We are the fairies of the Air and we bring flow and movement. We are the seeders of Spring. We are the ones, spreading life all around us, through the movement of the Air. We bring the energy of the winds and the breeze, the rush of the air on your face and sparkles of magic when your hair is blowing in the wind. We bring waves of movement, so you can with a glimpse of an eye, feel the energy of the air moving through you. Blowing and cleansing what do not serves you. We, wish to share with you, how you can flow more easily in your life. We know, how important is to flow with all aspects of your life. The more you flow, the less resistance you experience. With less resistance, the more you are aligned with your inner-being and more clarity you gain. This clarity will help you to make the right decisions for you and the world around you. This is flowing! Knowing exactly what to do. When to give attention and when to let go. For this to happen is important to be in sync with who you are and what you do want. Aligning your actions with your values so you can live your life the way you really meant to be. We know, there's a variety of things that can push you out of your comfort zone, that are a million things that you do not agree and resonate with and sometimes you just wish to disappear :) Well, when Susana is in this kind of mood, we always say to her to rise above and laugh. You don't need to give attention and importance to everything and everyone, this is a choice you do moment by moment. When you make your decisions, you need to pay attention on how this action will affect you and others. That's why it's important to pause for a quick reflection: -Is this situation so important that I need to pay attention to it? Or can I let go and continue to be focused upon things that matter and are important to me? -How my action will affect other people's lives? - If I want to experience ... balance (for example) how can I effectively make decisions that brings me towards the balance I want to achieve? We see many of you wasting your precious time, with thoughts and acts that are not helping you to flow in life. You say you want many things, but then, when you are about to choose where to go, you choose the opposite direction. There's a sense of amnesia that is continually present, pushing you aside to want you really want. It's time to reclaim your power and stand your ground. It's time to allow the movement and flow you want, to come to you! Embodying your intentions and make them working on your behalf, by redirecting your thoughts and actions for what is your highest intentions, happiness and well-being. For this to happen, honesty is the key. You really need to be honest with yourself! Focusing your mind and stop giving excuses for want you do not have and point yourself for what you want to achieve. To practice focus, repeat your intentions like a mantra for example or write what you want to achieve and everyday tune into this words. By making this simple but focused intention you will be more aware and you will know where to go, because you will remember your intended words. Make a statement- I want to honor who I am, I want to be in tune with my inner power, I want to choose for a place of love and highest intentions for my life. This way, I know I am walking a path of truth that opens for me the achievement and the fulfillment I want to live in my life. From now on, I allow my truth to be present and be embodied by me for the highest good of all. From now on I flow in my life with ease. And so it is! We wish you to flow like the wind, Making the best, honest choices for you, We are the Fairies of the Air"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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