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The Crystal Grid message with the Fairies

"We are the fairies, and we come forth today to bring you awareness about the Crystal Grid of the Earth. In the center of the Earth the Crystal energy arises from the soil and from the caves of the Earth. This Crystal Grid affects your body and energy in a positive way. Specially, if you are aware of this energy, that purifies and grounds you, helping your system to be in balance. Crystals are made of pure positive energy, they hold and sustain this vibration, to help the planet and its inhabitants with their well-being and balance. Once you are aware and recognize the existence of the Crystal Grid you can connect yourself in a more deeper way and receive the benefits of this amazing vibration, that is available for everyone here on the Earth. Connecting with the Crystal Grid, means to be deeply in touch with the consciousness of our Mother and invite balance, harmony, grounding energy and wisdom to flow through your system. When this energy flows through you and you consciously anchor into it, all that is part of you will vibrates in a higher energy. Your body, your cells, your DNA, your auric field, all that is you will be elevated to a new level. This energy clears your system, heals, and put back into shape all the parts of you that are needed to be taken care of. You don't need to ask anything, you just need to reconnect with the Crystal Grid and the energy will make the job flowing through you and bring you what you need. We believe, this harmonious, pure vibration will help you a lot to upgrade your system daily, so you can be more tuned with your potentials and well being. This crystal energy, will clear and transmute, bringing to life more energy. Will uplift you and in quick way, will help you to reestablish your system. So, what do you need to do? You just need to imagine yourself anchored on the center of the Earth and with the crystal Grid and allow ( or if you are new with this, you can visualize ) the energy flowing through you. You can say : "I am now connected with the Crystal Grid of the Earth" and then just lay down in peace and receive. The more you do it, the more you will receive and, the more you will be able to amplify this energy and make it work on your behalf. Helping to integrate the new consciousness, We are the fairies at your service"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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