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Protection and boundaries with Armadillo spirit animal

"I am the Spirit of the the Armadillo, I come today to speak about protection and boundaries. Everyone needs to feel safe and for this to happen there is a need to create some boundaries in life. A boundary is a protected place, is a line you define, where others are not allowed to go further.

It's never easy to implement this boundaries and space between us and others and sometimes with ourselves. But boundaries are important, to keep the balance and structure of our own lives. Conflicts are natural, they are part of the experience of this planet to live them and to feel resistance. Feeling safe and protected it's a base needed for you to embrace, in a more easy way, life. When you feel safe and protected, it becomes easier for you to take some risks, to follow your gut, to embrace who you are, to take that step or to come out of the shell. All of you would love to have this protection shell around you, like a bubble that wouldn't allow any harm, conflict or injury to come into your life. All of you would love to live in a bubble of happiness and joy. In fact, you have the ability to create this safe zone for you and fill it with whatever you want. For this to happen, you need to work your mind, your thoughts to create this sense of protection and safety inside of you. You have this power to focus on what you want and create the reality you need for you, if it's for your highest good. When you feel unsafe and fearful, you have the power to change this, just by thinking in a different way. You need to find a new, positive perspective, so you can turn around the situation you have created, and in awareness, transform your vibration in something that works for you. You can say for example - " everything is working out for me" , " no matter what, the solution I need will come to me", " I am protected by a Higher Force", " I am guided and protected", " I trust me" .... all these words are redirecting your mind for a more easy state of being. With this words, you are welcoming hope and trust and after a while of this self-talk you can start breathing again and move yourself for a more comfortable zone. Surrendering and opening your heart to life, it may seems very challenging sometimes, but the creation of healthy boundaries will help you to stay in touch with your truth and values. This means, maybe you will have to say no to someone, or you will need to speak your truth, or make some changes in your life to keep yourself in balance. When you are living in a truthful way, you don't skip this steps, you face them, preferably with compassion and kindness. No one is trying to keep you unhappy. There is just, a lot of different perspectives and ways of living and it's important for you to live yours, in the most truthful way you can. This do not mean to start being hard with everyone else's just to say want you want, but instead, to feel what you need inside of you first, and then in a peaceful way, to implement the boundaries or rules you need. When you determine this space, everything turns much easier and you stand in your own power. Saying what you want and need is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact is only you speaking your truth and keeping yourself in balanced. So, it's totally ok to protect your space, to invite comfort and live by your own rules. Therefore, it's necessary to be conscious when there are several people interests involved. When this happens, is importante to call, your Spirit Guides and ask them to guide you to the best for all involved in the situation. The idea of this message is not for you to make war with the ones around you, but only, for you in a gentle but truthful way, reclaim your power and make the changes and create the healthy boundaries needed. Please invite us, the Spirit World to reinforce your strength and make the adjustments needed, so you can feel safe and give the steps that will bring major improvement for your life quality and personal balance. We stand with you in truth and confident that everything will follow a perfect path, leading you to more happiness and equilibrium. We are the Spirit of the Armadillo and Higher Consciousness"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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