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A new cycle with the Spirit of the Kiwi

"Hi! I am the the Kiwi Spirit Animal and I am really happy to be here and share my wisdom with you. Today, I bring a message from Heaven to the Earth. I am here to help and spread the consciousness of the Higher Realms with you. I feel honored to be in your presence! Today is a new day, this day brings renewal and new beginnings here on Earth. Today a new cycle starts for many of you. It's time for celebration! Spring is starting to show signs of new life, everything is about to bloom and radiate in full color and energy. It's time to breathe deeply and connect with this new cycle, already present and ready to be lived by you. This new cycle, brings with the next new moon, this week, the energy to move forward with new projects. Resistance will fade away and everything will flow smoother than ever before. Things will start to make sense. Clarity will arrive and a new flower in your heart will open, ready to receive the inspiration that you are waiting to receive for so long. It's a new start, a new beginning, a new life, an open flower ready to give the first step in the direction of your purpose. Will you hear the calling? It's the calling of your purpose! Will you allow yourself to listen to it. We are here today, helping you to be awake, present and ready to take this call that it's about to happen. We want you to be ready and and make the intention to receive and allow this inspired guidance, that will be unique and perfect for you. We want you to be open and make space to receive.This way you will allow inspiration to flow and start this new cycle in connection and aligned with your Sacred Purpose. This calling, this inspiration will help you to give the steps needed. It's a huge Master energy coming to you and it's extremely important that you are aware of it and receive it in your heart and soul. " I ... (your name) want to be fully present and allow the inspiration that is ready to be received by me to come in a perfect clear way. May I feel the truth of my purpose in my heart and give the steps needed to fulfill my Sacred life purpose. I am ready to receive the Creator within and allow Him to inspire and show me the way. And so it is" A new cycle of freedom, filled with blessings! Like the sun shining in your chest, radiating the light of the Creator in a new way. Receive it, with your open flower within your heart, the blessings the Creator wants to share with you. Your time as come! Receive and allow, grow on His arms, be who you came to be. Fears, insecurities, anxieties.... please let them all behind and trust the knowledge that will be shared with you, trust the impulses you will receive and remember the sacredness present in this new phase. It's time for you to walk on your path, the one was made for you exclusively! We the Spirit of the Kiwi and Higher Realms here present today, bringing you the awareness you need to be present, walk in the truth of your Heart and embracing the Creator within. We bless you!

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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