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Love message from the Fairies

"We are the fairies and we come forth today to bring you a new perspective about love. Love can have many manifestations, it's common in your world to think about love as it has many forms. In fact there is only one love. The love of the Creator!

This is the only love that rules your world and all the universe. Love can manifest in many different forms. That's why you have the ability to love in many ways and different kinds of things, persons and moments. Love can be felt in you heart, in your belly and in all your entire body. But love exists all around you, always! There are some days that you can't perceive love, but that's not because it is not there, is because you are out of sync with who you really are, with your soul. When you are in tune with your higher energy you can feel love for so many things in just one day. You are vibrating high and you are allowing the stream of Love, that is always flowing, to flow in a free way through you. The importance of keeping yourself aligned with love, makes all the difference between you embodying your best version or being a lower version of you. Is all a matter of choice and but also a determination of making what you can to feel good. Only feeling good and nurtured you can achieve this connection with the higher vibration of Love and be this love in action. We need more persons to vibrate higher, we need you, to make everyday a conscious choice to be love, to act from love and to love. There are many ways to perceive this state, if you willing be persistent enough to fill you mind with loving thoughts. Being determined to act as an agent of change and embrace the love that you already made of. A love that flows constantly through you, a love so powerful that built this entire universe. The Creator is calling you, His love is beyond all limitations, all negative aspects, so we just need you to start your day with loving thought, to make the effort to be kind, to not judge and focus your mind and energy on positive things. With the ones that make you feel good about it, the ones that you love. If you live your days with a dark cloud over your head, believing everyone is guilty for your unhappiness, you are so far from love my friend. Clear that cloud and make today the decision to start thinking differently. Do not make your issues an excuse to be against the entire world, because you will not go far. It's time to open your mind and your heart! Change the way you think and make this choice to everyday perceive and be the love. This decision will change your life and will bring you what you have been dreaming about. So please stop complaining and move beyond drama and be what you want to see. Be this example of change, of higher perspective, of Love presence and practice to be more of this love everyday. Don't give up! We don't give up, even if you mistreat your planet, we are here making our job everyday, so please make yours on spreading and be an anchor of love. We surround you with the love of the Creator, Believing in you and the love you are made of, At your service, We are the Faires."

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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