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Animal Angels how can you help

"We are the from the Sphere of the Angels and we bring forth the consciousness of the Angel Guides of the animals. Each animal has a Guiding Angel, foremost we bring protection, healing and advancement to their path toward growing and expansion here on the Earth.

We want you to know that you can connect with the Angels of your pets and animals in general. This way you can help them with whatever they need. When you pray or ask for help you are improving a situation, you are welcoming the energy of Source to be aware of a situation that needs attention and improvement. Animals are usually filled with pure positive energy, that's why they overcome there challenges really fast. But sometimes, specially older animals need more attention and healing. Even if we take care and know what are the animal needs, when you are aware of the problem it's important for you to acknowledge the situation and ask our intervention. At the same time you are empowering our action and stimulating better results. When we co-create together, we are joining forces in helping those in need. Although, it's important one thing, please ask one time and then believe that everything is taken care of. When you ask many times for the same situation, is sign that you do not believe, it's a sign of your personal resistance. So we need you to be at peace, feeling joyful and filled with hope, knowing for sure we are listening your requests and they are taken care of. Feel happy that with a simple prayer/ intention you can make all the difference. We are the Angels of the Animals overseen by Archangel Ariel Grateful for your help with the animals" . "This painting brings the energy of healing and balance to the animals, bring forth the protection and connection with the Angels of animals"

Art Print available here

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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