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Purify your system with the Fire Dragons and the Fairies

"We are the Fire Dragons and the Fairies and we are present here today bringing a purification fire. We the Dragons have the ability of purification. We can purify all types of places especially in nature but also with the ones who call us to work with them in their own purification process.

Today we come forth to bring you this opportunity of purifying your system. With the Fire of Purification we will cleanse and free your system, allowing to receive new light codes directly from the Earth and Source. We believe with this cleanse, on your vibrational and celular system, you will be able to transmute old energies. Some from this life and others from past lives. We are the guardians of nature and we hold the power through our abilities, to help you and bring goodness into your life. As you, we want you to feel happy and clear, so you can access the knowledge you need, to discover the beautiful path that is available now for you to walk through. We want you aligned with your Soul Purpose! But for that to happen your system requires to make some transitions so you can move forward. Many messages has been transmitted, bringing a variety of wisdom and energies. All of them helping you to give one more step, helping you to find the way and connect once more with your truth.We know you are ready, to give one more step! Let's begin: First connect with your center. Breathe and release the air through the mouth. Relax your shoulders. Continue to breath deeply and until you feel relaxed and ready to start. Now, call the Fire Dragons of purification and the Purple Dragons of transmutation to join you. Ask them - " thank you Fire and purple Dragons for joining me here today on purify, transmute and regenerate my system. Allowing me to free myself of what no longer serves me in this life time." Now close your eyes and just breath in peace and tranquility while we work with you, releasing the old and opening the space for you to be on the path you deserve to be. When you sense that we have finished to work with you, just open your eyes and thank us for the opportunity and work done. We are the Dragons and the Fairies, Bringing blessings to you."

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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