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To all Light workers -channeled message from the Angels

"Good morning! We the Angels come forth today bringing you a new opportunity. An a opportunity to see yourself as the most beautiful flower among other flowers. We are speaking about self love. We want you to see yourself as we do- the most amazing flower, full of potencial, full of love and so bright it could light up all this entire planet. Relax my love, stand still, we embrace you in our wings of tenderness and compassion as we hold for you this vision of perfection, this feeling of safety and knowing you are on the right path even with all the challenges you are going through. Stand still in the light, surrender to us your sorrows, we are enlightening your path. So many can not understand who you are, what you stand for and how brave you are for coming out of the box, daring to be different, daring to show the way, and to stand in your truth. Being a light worker dose not mean to be understood but rather to stay strong while others think you are crazy. To show your power while other choose to victimize themselves and most of all believe there's a higher purpose for all that you do even others can not comprehend and choose limit theirselves with minor questions. Stand in your power my love, believe in the perfection of your own being and rise above to the light where all the support is always waiting for you. So many of you are now being confronted with the three dimensional aspects of life when you are already vibrating in the fifth dimension, you are facing the challenges of dealing with two much different realities were those who are not expanded enough will try to mold you to what they do not comprehend yet. But stand still, so they will get there, breath deeply, surrender and reclaim our strength to walk your path in truth aligned with your pourpose. Ask us to fill your heart with compassion and activate your power to stand in peace in the chaos. Our love and support is with you no matter what. We love you, we understand you, you are an example to follow. Honoring who you are, We are the Angels of unconditional love"

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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