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Spring! - A channeled message from the Spirit of the Flowers, plants and Butterflies

"We the Spirit of the Flowers, Plants and Butterflies come forth today together as a group, to bring you the pure positive energy that we are made of. Spring is arriving and we are blooming and preparing ourselves to awake the beauty within you. With our colors, different shapes and delicious odors, we awake this new season within your being. We bring new exciting beginnings and the openness to be aware of the new opportunities around you. The Butterflies, come with new wings and the possibility of making you fly in new directions, aligned with your true purpose. Steps are being given, you are more aware of who you are and slowly opening. Take your rhythm, do not force it or push it. Just be and allow the inspiration to come in divine time. You will fly! Your wings are spreading and a new consciousness is awakening within you. You are becoming who you are, but take your time, so you can fly in the right time. Feel the Spirit of Spring bringing this energy to your center and allow it to bloom within, like a flower, opening its petals at its own pace. Enjoy this blooming process, delight in the new openness, feel the excitement of this new beginnings and celebrate. Know within your being that they are already here, certify yourself how wonderful this new phase will be, rejoice in color and in happiness of being you and embrace these new qualities os the Creator flourishing like colorful flowers in your chest, anchored in your heart center. If your heart was a flower bouquet, what flowers would have? What colors? What would it feel to look at your bouquet? Bask in these feelings of wonder how this new beginnings will feel like. How colorful and vibrant they will be, how good they will feel. Spend time dreaming and activating these new energies and become one with them. Be the Spring! Move with the Earth new cycle and bloom in full color, beauty and power. We love you and we are happy to bring you message today, We are the Spirit of the Flowers, Plants and Butterfly"

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