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A community called Earth- channeled message with the Galactic Dolphins and the Spirit of the Penguin

"We the Dolphins and the Penguin are here today, to talk about living in community and what is this of living together as a family on a planet called Earth.There's a force that join us all together in this universe, the Creator made us all, each one with a special role. All different but all needed! Differences should be respected and seen as a vantage point. Differences brings diversity and abundance. Many of you take differences as they are something bad and uncomfortable but it's time to change this limited perspective. So everyone is an important piece of the puzzle. In this universe we are all brothers and sisters, we all belong. We all are part of this intergalactic system, all of us wanting the same, to feel good and happy and to live in peace. Embracing and respecting the ones of your own kind, blessing them and wishing them the best, even if they are not acting as you expect them to be, is part of being this inclusive person that sees everything and everyone as a value for your planet. And when this is not easy for you to do, ask your soul to do it for you and say - "Dear soul thank you to see beyond limitation, please bless all the ones on this planet with love and kindness and help me to see goodness in everyone. Thanks" Have you ever wonder about the concept of community at a planetary level? It's a concept that transcends this idea of small community and it enlarges for a global view of interests. This means everyone would be working for the goodness of all. Not only for themselves, but for the interest of a community called Earth. You already know, your actions, your thoughts and what you focus upon, create your reality! So now we ask -what can you do, think and be that can affect positively your planet? When you start to act consciously, you start choosing for the highest good and this way you will positively affect your home, your family, your neighborhood, your planet .... they will be affected by your state of mind and by your choices. So what can you change today? Maybe you can start choosing kind thoughts, or maybe you can recycle, maybe you can forgive that person that wasn't so kind, maybe you can send light to the planet, or bless the trees and nature around you. Maybe you want to give a helping hand to someone, or rethink the way you communicate with others, maybe you can make a prayer for your governors and ask for clarity and they be divinely guided on their actions for the best of all. Everyday is a new opportunity to start over and make things differently and in a better way. What can you do?

We hope you can start seeing yourself part of the whole, making decisions and intending for your well-being and others, welcoming change around you and start to be a constructive part of this community called Earth. Blessed be, The galactic Dolphins and the Spirit of the penguin" 

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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