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Channeled message from the Fairies- Discover your missing piece

"Good morning, we are a group of Fairies bringing you an opportunity to reveal your highest truth. In connection with us the Fairies and qualities of Nature you are able to uncover hidden parts of you. Parts that are the missing pieces of the puzzle. You may wonder, why I do all of my manifestation practices, I speak what I want, I am positive, I meditate, I do my gratitude practice, I bless the Earth and I send my positive vibes upon my brothers and all living things and even so, I am not reaching the balance, the focus and the results I believe I am deserving of. Well, we have the answer why you haven't reach your goals of money, relationship, health, carrier.... you have a missing piece of your puzzle, something needing come forth and be healed so you can be and act as whole. We are here today to help to achieve this, to finally understand what is holding you back. Read first and then do it, please: Close you eyes, breathe deeply and relax. When you feel tuned with your center, know we surround you with our energy, holding space for you to connect with this missing piece, helping you to understand what is needed to do and how you can decisively act to reclaim this important piece. Ask us - "Dear Fairies and Angel team, show me objectively and clearly what is my missing piece. It is my intention to live in my fullest power. I am ready to know. Thank you for working with me for my highest good. Thank you!" Wait for the answer, continue to breath and to connect within. You may hear the answer, you may see an image or a story. Trust what you are receiving. If you do not understand the message, please write it down and know it will reveal itself to you in the next days. Stay opened to the signs and pay attention. This is an opportunity to claim your power and understanding deeply why and how you need to act to achieve full benefit of your gifts and talents. These gifts were made to help the Earth but also to live happily and manifest a life full of blessing and abundance. Call us to bring you maximum awareness in the next few days and you will get there, we promise. You just need to compromise with the process and follow the guidance you are going to receive. Your actions and trust in your gut, will determine your outcome. We believe in you, we want you in your fullest power and joy, we hope you want the same! Raising your awareness, We are the Fairies holding space for you to become."

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