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Channeled message from the Arcturian council of light

"We are the Arcturian council of light, coming forth today bring you a sacred geometric pattern to achieve enlightenment and bliss through challenging times. Through this quantum space time reality there's a need to elevate your patterns of light and understanding of energy. Your focus upon this sacred geometry shape will activate waves of energy helping you to connect with your inner light and bliss. We need all of you in full strength and peace. It has arrived the time were light will flow to you in many ways. Simple ways but powerful ones. Now it's up to you to be aware of the opportunities and grab them to be at your best and with an amplifying energetic system so you can hold your energy high as possible and be a focus of light on this planet. This geometric pattern will activate important parts of your energy system so you can be an important support on the Earth. Feel within the changes and realignment of your system, allow the inflow of abundance and be a catalyst for change and well-being on your planet. With change, we need to change and adapt through circumstances, we need to fight peacefully and be part of this silent movement to reunite strengths with the forces of love and purity and create a new world on Earth. Start with you today and embrace your qualities of light. Print this image and put it in your home or workspace and allow it to bring the frequency of enlightenment and bliss to spread around, forming a bubble of pure positive energy that sustains you in a balanced, higher place of being. We are here to help, We talked through Susana today on April 10, 2018 The Arcturian Council" 💎 Important: From now on it will be part of my sacred work to extend this sacred geometric patterns to help you on your path and bring you the balance and equilibrium your body and energetic system needs. I will happily make a light activation (free) + create you a personal geometric Grid to amplify your wellbeing, health, peace and abundance so you can live connected with your inner truth, enlightenment, bliss and free flow energy of the universe as you deserve. It is my pleasure to announce that from now on I will be of service to the Earth and to you, helping to amplify the right birth of everyone on the Earth to realign its system with the original purpose of oneness with the universe and the qualities of the Creator. Infinite abundance, eternal peace, health and wellbeing for all here on Earth. Send me a message if you are interested on the realignment of your entire system. And let's welcome new beginnings in alignment with who we really are. All light activations are made with the Masters Lord Maitreya ( higher-self of Jesus) , Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus 

Sending blessing in your way,


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