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Arcturian council of light channeled message - Your sacred mission

"Your Sacred MissionWe are the Arcturian council of light, coming forth today to offer you clarity and instructions on how to proceed to awaken within the inner power we need you to have, so together we can advance our works with your planet. The direction is all about the awakening within, is about determination and self-discipline and the acceptance that all the changes being made are for the stability and progress of your planet. Stand tall my friends, because now you are living already in the Golden Era. The energies flowing now through the Earth are new and you can feel the difference already. These new sublime energies coming in are here to support all entire systems of Gaia and here to support you. From now on, is asked from you to flow with these new energies in integrity with this new era. This means working and being an agent of peace and well-being but most of all an agent of change. You reading this message are being called to action, you are the one we need to be an active participant on the revolution of the new Era, so much work needs to be done. You are chosen to be of service to the Earth and be a role model and inspiration to the ones around you. This choices were already made before you came into the Earth and now it's time to live and be who you came to be. No more pretending or running away will be tolerated, is important to take charge and move forward assuming entirely your role and participation. These words are not to threaten you but for you to take command on your own life and truth. This is the time to step forward and we are expecting no less than yourself assuming the sacred work you were made to do. You cannot expect things to change without your intervention, billions of beings across the universe are helping the Earth to raise, but you should be the one caring more. At this time all tools and support are on your side, you just need to take the decision and become what you already feel and know within you. It's asked from you to step in your power and follow your truth without hesitation. Center your focus on the image provided and enter in a meditative state to gain the awareness and strength you need to make the changes accordingly. After making this decision in direction of your truth and purpose know all recourses and support will come to you. Let's work as a giant universal family, all with one purpose and mission, to create the new Golden Era on Earth, contributing with our unique gifts and fulfill with pride and honor our SACRED mission. We are at your service and contributing for the advance of the Earth, The Arcturian council of light speaking through Susana today."

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