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Channeled message from Sanat Kumara - step forward

"Beloved ones, I am Sanat Kumara and I am here present today to bring forth new information about the expansion of your planet. Today I want to bring you a new perspective, a new way of looking at the challenges you are going through. Expansion means growth in a new consciousness, in a new paradigm of light and awareness, it's a new opportunity for raising your standards and create a new way of living on Earth. This means the old must go. This means what do not serves should be released, so the space needed to awaken within, be available to receive the new energies. We still see many of you holding back, afraid of taking action. We need you to stay strong and give the steps that you already know are to be given. What are you waiting for? I came forth today to encourage you to make the move and promise you that all that you need will be attended and encouraged. Please my friends do not be afraid of setting yourselves free. Untie the ropes around your feet and give yourself a chance to live a purposeful life and walk in freedom. Knowing you are only making part of this amazing revolution of the new Golden age. We promise we'll be on your side, supporting every step of the way, but you must make the decision first and take the step forward. You need to acknowledge what you want, you need to stand your ground and be a presence of leadership in your own life. If you don't lead your life how will you move forward? How can we set free this planet? How can we work as a big family, for the highest good of all, if you are not there? I ask you to reconsider your role on this amazing opportunity that is been given to you. Ask for a sign, if you are not sure or unclear, we will give this sign to you, empowering your belief and strength to give this important step. You are profoundly loved and you will have the support you need, I AM Sanat Kumara Cohan of Light" Channeled by Susana Tavares

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