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Confidence on the future to come by Lord Maitreya

"Good morning I am Lord Maitreya and I am so pleased to be here today sharing this message with you. Today I bring gifts of confidence on the future to come, I bring seeds of hope and joyful magic to be embraced by your heart. I am so pleased to be here today. Loving hearts bring such gift to this world, they spread the vibration of unconditional love wherever they go. These hearts are the seeds of the Golden Age, they are the ones bringing forward and working as a catalyst for the change to become. Today I bring news that the hearts needed are already present on the Earth so this shift can be a success. We the Masters are extremely pleased and honored to see how everyday new hearts are opening. How truth is touching so many lives and creating facilitators of the new energies to be anchored on the Earth. The Golden Age is already a success and it's here to stay. Expect many shifts to happen in your personal life and in your planet. You will be a witness of the magic of the New Age manifested in your own life. You will lead be example and others will want to know what you have done. And you will simply answer - I have opened my heart, I listened my truth and followed it. You will be a focus point of inspiration and abundance, an example to follow. Know you earned all the blessings that will be poured in your life. Know you have the gift of FAITH, PATIENCE and KNOWLEDGE within you. You have waited and never loose your faith, you have faced your challenges but always remind the Divine Force that exists within and around you. You are a light warrior an inspiring Soul deserving at this time to receive all. Those who are already in their sacred work will help many to awake. Beacons of light that will have all the tools, energy and resources to inspire and show the way. If you feel a warmth in your heart know we are talking to you. There's no need more worries, it's time to celebrate the great joy, the Divine will. Masters of the Soul, lights of today and tomorrow, brilliance of the Creator manifested through your being, that's who you are! Walk proud, so you have achieved the "impossible", you have the greatness and the strength of a Master. In this new cycle, know you have a golden path to walk through, know I AM with you showing the way. I AM Lord Maitreya pleased to share this message with you today." Channeled by Susana Tavares

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