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Light into shadow with Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya

"Good morning, we are here today to bring light into the shadow, to bring purification and acknowledge parts of you that are important for your ascension. We Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya bring the next steps to give and to awaken within a stream of light that always bring enlightenment and clarity in challenging times.

For some of you, the embodiment of your Christic self is happening at this time and for some of you still in the first steps, awakening the presence of the new energies within. Each one in its own development on the ascension path, each one on different levels depending on the work you have developed until this time. For all of you the full embodiment of your Christic self is what you need to achieve. The embodiment of your Christic self will bring back full consciousness, higher consciousness of who you are, and when you achieve it you will always get the clarity you need and access to higher dimensions of light and consciousness and you will be a channel of this connection in all that you do. To achieve the full embodiment of your Christic self your shadows need to come to surface and be recognized, so they represent something and often part of the solutions for your problems. Your shadow aspects exist for many reasons, to protect your being, to understand yourself in a deeper way, to help you to embrace all parts of you and to become fully aware of your in-PERFECTION. When you recognize your shadows, you are giving them space to be, you are embracing your being and fully accepting all your parts. All of them belong to you for a reason, when you are aware of this aspects of you and when you can find a peaceful place to understand them, in fact you are allowing them to take their part of the job but in a clear conscious way. This will bring light into the shadows and they became strengths within you. Because now you are giving them the opportunity to know why they are here and what roles they are playing. When you acknowledge them, peace is being achieve within you and you are fully embracing who you are, bringing a new tranquility and equilibrium that is so much needed at this time. When something's bothering you, allow yourself first to calm down. Don't need to force it, when you feel ready bring back the feelings and shadow self that were being shown to you. Think of them, not ashamed but with compassion and tenderness and ask them why they came to surface, what are they trying to show you? If you do not hear any answer, think if in that situation you needed to protect yourself, you where afraid or feeling unloved or insecure and how and why this shadow aspect of you react to the situation. Step two, is to gently hold this part of you and say - " I was feeling... ex. Insecure...and my reaction was to protect myself, to protect my being that I love so much. I know all my emotions and feelings represent an important part of me and when I love me, I accept who I am. And when I accept I bring understanding and love within and a new peaceful way of seeing myself and others. I embrace all parts of me, so they are giving direction and clarity on my path and I know I can trust me. I know there is a Divine light that shines always within showing me the away. So until I do not have the solution I embrace my being and surrender to Source knowing I am loved and supported." Now you know all parts of you matter, just need to understand why and acknowledge them as important parts of your being. This way you bring purification and clarity, reclaiming the power you have within to take the best choices for yourself and trust your inner being in the direction He is taking. For too long, light workers try to be always "nice" and loving and we want you to remember that you are teachers as well and your personal guidance is to be accepted and acknowledge as Divine even if not seems this way. Trust yourself and in your personal guidance and find peace within. We are Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya empowering your being in becoming fully aware of who you are" Light activation pack - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activation-pack Sacred space geometry Pack - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/sacred-space-pack-home-business More free messages- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog

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