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Your inner pendulum with the White Brotherhood

"Good morning, we feel happy to come today and bring a message to inspire your being in becoming more tuned with its own power. Today, we present a sacred geometry figure that represent the inner-power, a representation of the the inner pendulum of truth. When your inner pendulum is aligned with your center, it's aligned with your Soul and is when you know you are ready to blossom and ride new waves of possibility. Hold your attention on the image and make the intention of aligning your inner pendulum with your core center and inner power. Just breath and imagine a crystal pendulum above your heart. See the pendulum moving. If your pendulum is moving clockwise he is saying YES, if he is moving counter clockwise he is saying NO. Observe the movement. If it's saying YES, this means you are aligned with your purpose and personal power to stand for yourself and walk in truth of who you are and came to be. If it's saying NO you still have work to do and shifts to make. But that's ok the idea of this message is to bring you awareness on where you are on your path and what you need to do. Take a moment now to receive from your inner pendulum any advices, information and next steps you need to give. Just listen/ sense. Know you can always access your inner pendulum and make questions, just create first sacred space surrounding yourself with white crystal light, focus within, visualize your crystal pendulum above your heart and connect with your inner power, after make your question and see it's movement and listen. After receiving guidance, trust and follow what you have received. We are the White Brotherhood Helping in your ascension" Light activation pack - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activation-pack Sacred space geometry Pack - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/sacred-space-pack-home-business More free messages- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog

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