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Growing your power by Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya channeled Message

"We present ourselves on this day, to bring clarity and enlightenment in ones heart. Rest In Peace so justice will be made. Surrender all your pain, surrender all the injuries, so they are bringing a new consciousness, removing obstacles and limitation and empowering the ones who need to be in charge at this important time in history. You came to be who you are, you came to speak your truth! Do not hinder yourself from who do not understand your role. You are the Divine on Earth, you are the one who are summoning the higher frequencies from Source and putting them available so others can easily receive the new consciousness into their lives. Respect serves your best interests, do not bend over the ones who are not ready to understand, stand in your truth and allow it to speak and act through you. There's no one in your plane knowing better than you what are your needs. Protect your sacred space, it is SACRED! Listen no more what others want from you, but instead listen within what are your needs. Do not allow others to decide for you, they are not who you are. Standing in your power is major important at this time. We need you strong and powerful. You are the king/queen of your own world so act like you mean it. Softness my friends, is to be kept in your heart, but do not allow softness to drive your actions. Being good is not to allow everything and everyone to invade your world, instead being good is to respect yourself first, your emotions and your needs so you can then offer the best of you in service to the planet. The last challenges come to remind you and help you to integrate a new power, a new strength and while you are reading these words we are holding your inner child's to remain in peace and tranquility. The sensitivity in your hearts will be raised to a new level, you will from now on have the ability to focus in what's important and leave the rest behind. Like an armor that will refine and let pass what is really important and leave and transmute what is not for your highest good. Allowing you to make your job and dealing with challenges in all new way. These changes are being made while we speak and will get to higher state tomorrow on the Summer Solstice. We are Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya growing your power in this ascension time" 

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