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Summer solstice greetings from the Fairy realms

"Happy summer solstice 🌞 I am the king of the Fairies and want to welcome you all to the light and power of this new cycle of the Earth. We are happy today to see you raising through darkness into the shimmering light of your internal suns. We rejoice to see your evolution and personal path revealing to you in such delight. We feel so happy for finally speak again through Susana that will bring more messages and wisdom from our Realms. This time was a time of growth and learning new advanced knowledge so we the Fairies could be able to help you in a more deeper way in your ascension. Announcing today that we have received from the Creator new levels of connection with you and ways of passing our vibration and energy healing in all new way. For us has been also a period of ascension since we are so close and deeply bound to the Earth. We are all connected! We really want to come forth on this special day when the light starts to rise in the deeper Levels of consciousness and bring you the news of our ascension and readiness to partnership with you in a new and powerful way like never before. We feel grateful for all the ones who have opened their hearts to us and for the waiting so we felt ready again to engage with you. The Fairy realms bless you with the light that already shines within, transforming into blessings and in a new world." 


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