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Access your truth from the White Brotherhood

"We the white Brotherhood present ourselves here today to talk about how can you honor your truth when you are surrounded with so many that do not understand what these truths mean to you. Well, it's time for you to step up and bring those truths forward since they really are meaningful to you and to your ascension. We are living times where the inner truths are major important and they should be fully respected. Within you can find your truest desires, you can access the next step to take. Please focus on the image for awhile, close your eyes and bring the image to your heart and allow it to access a truth that wants to reveal itself to you in this time space reality. The truth revealed is IMPORTANT! It's up to you to take an action aligned with your truth or not. You are the one who chooses to live in truth, you are responsible for what you create and so even we can help you to access it and guide you on the right direction only you can make the decision and take the step. Ask yourself this question - Will I live in the truth of others or will I live MY TRUTH? When you answer this important question you will know where to go and what to do and will not be worried about what others might think, instead you will feel proud and relieved because you are walking and listening the truth of your SOUL. You already made so many unnecessary efforts in your life, so many that just brought unhappiness and sorrows....why not try a new thing FOLLOWING YOUR TRUTHS. We are the White Brotherhood and we are in truth Blessings " Channeled by Susana Tavares

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