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Rebirth - channeled message

"The soul transformation is rising and becoming each day, passing through rituals of passage to become more aware of who you are. There's a being within you that wants to be discovered, a being that wants to be known and speak its voice of truth. It's impaciente to come to light and BE.  This being is your most sacred self, is your essence, the one it knows the way, the way of your Soul's truth. Your inner being wants to stretch and fully take all the space possible. Wants to break free from the veils of illusion and take charge anchored on ONE's power of truth and wisdom. Surprisingly so many try to shut down the VOICE, they do not want to hear....I am afraid of the unknown...what is going to happen if I hear my truth... The VOICE inside is your key to freedom, one step at a time, allowing this TRUTH to speak through you and you will see, everything in life starts to move in different directions, everything adjusting for your REBIRTH. Don't be afraid my love, surprise yourself riding in new directions, celebrating who you are, your wishes and desires, your shadows and your beauty and you will find your way into yourself once more. Blessings"

by Susana Tavares 

Image by the Numerology Guidance Oracle card deck by Michelle Buchanan

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