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Channeled message from the Fairies- make a wish!

"We are the Fairies and we come forth today to bring the magic and medicine of the Fairy world. Today we invite you to travel with the fairies to a world of natural consciousness that want to partnership with you and bring into your world the blessings we have in hands to deliver to you. Nature has a deep profound relationship with the energy of the Creator. In nature we are the receivers of this energy from Source, the keepers and protectors of the natural magic of the Creator. Upon the Earth, we the fairies and elemental world defend, care, nurture, protect and heal nature and the ones who are opened to work with us. When we speak about working with the fairies, there are many ways of service that you can preform, from super easy to some more demanding. Most of you reading the messages are able to work with the Fairies in simple ways but very effective and important to us. Some simple ways you can serve and help the Elemental world are: -remembering the fairies -believe in all the elemental world as part of this planet -be grateful for our work -take care of nature and animals around you -being responsible for your garbage and recicle the most you can -respect nature and keep a clean, healthy environment - if you work with gardening, plants or food choose bio, organic products to keep them grow free of chemicals - teach your children about the fairies and the respect for nature These tasks are simple and they make a huge difference. So please be that person that cares of the environment, the one that spreads blessings to nature and is profoundly respectful for all that is Mother Earth. We believe you all are a big family, families should give a helping hand in the name of the care and love for the planet we all live in. While you are reading this words and if you pay attention you can feel our energy passing through you. And if you close your eyes for a moment you may feel our tinkling energy surrounding you. Every time you have moments like this, believing.... you are opening your heart and allowing your perception to evolve, opening space to receive blessing and healing from the Fairies. In this ascension period of learning, we the fairies, received major transformations, new wisdom and healing abilities to share with you. And we want to take this opportunity to connect with the ones interested in receiving a blessing from us. Our support is big and we want to show you that. So please make a wish and ask us the Fairies to help you to achieve your desire. Please be very specific and clear about what you want and we will help if it's for your highest good. We love you and we bless you with the magic of the Fairies "

Channeled by Susana Tavares

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