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Sisterhood of the Rose 🌹 channeled message

"We are the Sisterhood of the Rose, and we embrace you with our loving energy. We are the energy of the Goddess, we are the activators of love and beauty in a profound way. We are the expression of the Divine feminine. We are here to share the resonated and amplified energy of the Goddess with who is opened and ready to awaken its solar presence within. Your Solar presence is the highest vibration of your being, is the Creator expressing through you. Within this message exists a transmission of consciousness energy to amplify your being and raise it into your enlightened, powerful, blissful, graceful and full of love being made at the image of Creator itself. Just a phew are ready to take this important step. But even so, just reading these words you are advancing in your path and put you in place to achieve it in a near future. There is always a perfect time line for every aspect on this ascension process-time. The Sisterhood of the Rose is interested in the alignment of the masculine and feminine energies operating as one. One energy of love and power at the same time, an energy that uses both aspects to create the perfect, harmonized energy within each and everyone. The embodiment of your Solar Presence, that connects you with the central sun will amplify all your senses, bringing higher knowledge and universal wisdom to be expressed by you. This way you will operate in conjunction with the Divine Source interested in raising your planet and in partnership, cooperating with the universal spheres of light. You will be the sound and voice of this immense LOVE that wants to realign ALL to it's principle of union with the universal truth of the Creator itself. From now on, the ones aligned with their Solar presences will be leading the way, and helping others to achieve this moment. The key to achieve this state of being is to really operate from a place of truth, respect, alignment, self-thinking, service, compassion, self-love, acceptance of others and oneself, following the inner truth above all. Is the integration of a new way of living that operates from the heart. Is listening what is important in your life, what is your calling and accept the inner-wisdom. Respecting, following and trusting the signs the universe is giving to you and face them to uncover a new path. We know this seems a lot to achieve, but one step at a time, with the daily intention of being anchored in your heart truth, will get you there. Even with all the challenges, know you will always find your way if you make the intention to follow your most higher truth. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind into, With the blessings of the Sisterhood of the Rose 🌹" Light activations - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activation-pack Sacred space geometry - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/sacred-space-pack-home-business More free messages- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog 

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