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Activate the inner truth channeled message by Ianna, inanna, Ishtar Goddess

“I am Ianna, Inanna or Ishtar, I have many names, I am the Goddess of the Earth and from the Skies. I am the fertility, the pleasure, the love, the connection with the Goddess. I come forth today to speak about truth. I come to activate the inner truth. So many have lost their perception about their truths... I pray for each and everyone on the Earth to know the truth about themselves. Truths can be profound, destabilizing and overwhelming....but when you know the truth you free yourself. Freedom can be achieved many ways... but only with the truth, you can really discover who you are in the most profound way. To achieve your divine truth is to walk the path of the soul... Some find their truths traveling far away, climbing mountains or facing a health problem... some face sever challenges to awaken, grow and remember once more who they are. Wherever you are, in this journey called life, know your truth can be discovered just by facing yourself, listening yourself, feeling yourself. The signs of truth are there to be recognized. What are the signs of your world trying to tell you? What do you need? In what situations you are not embracing who you really are? To change the matrix, is essential to make the changes accordingly with your Divine truth. Connect within my love, know and spend time understanding who you are. Undress yourself from the layers of unworthiness, from the unkindness and limitations you and the world impose into your sacred being. Call my name Ianna and I will help you to find your way into your Divine truth, I will reveal who you are , I will bring you to the surface so you can breath again and swim in your sea of love and kindness. I want you to swim in your own rhythm, in your own unique way. I am Ianna and I will speak many time through Susana, We are one” 

Art by @kagaya

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