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Mother Mary channeled message

“I am Mother Mary, and today I come forth to bring blessings of love and kindness with the ones opened to receive. Yesterday Susana and her family were on Strasbourg in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, she felt strongly my presence and love and she knew a message will be received to share with you all. Susana is a messenger of the light she is a transmitter of higher knowledge and frequency of the Divine. Many of you, the most sensitive can feel the presence of higher energy being transmitted through the words. We want you to know there are now many messengers that are available and working with Source to help you on this process of ascension. Know that many information and energy is being shared for you to understand the principles of the universe, to bring healing, to open your hearts and to activate the light within. The only thing you need to do is to feel which messengers you resonate the most and pay attention to the teachings they share, so they are the right ones for you and they are helping you to learn and connect with what you need in this period of time. Slowly, with patience and kindness the consciousness within these words start to awaken and be part of your life. When you hold hight frequencies you are also able to pass them in many different ways to your brothers and sisters. Like an energetic net that is being created, expanding and becoming more each day with your presence, curiosity and will to know more. I am talking about this because the messages are a very powerful vehicle of transformation and connection with these higher energies, your compromise in reading them and your interest in reading them with your heart more than your mind, will unlock a new path and way of thinking that is much needed, to create a new paradigm of consciousness. I, Mother Mary count on you to make your part, devoting your time to some spiritual practices to grow spiritually and awareness in your daily lives: - spend some time observing life without your phone of gadget - daily, spend time appreciating things in your life or in the world around you - read the messages available from channelers you connect with - take time to rest and balance your system, this way you will open space to receive energy and inspiration As you can see I am asking very little, but even so, this practices will make a huge difference in your life, awakening a new consciousness. When you practice these little tasks you are opening doors of opportunities and when you open them, blessing and love will be received, good changes will come your way. You don’t need to be complicated, invest in simplicity, things you know you can achieve. Do not force yourself to comprehend every single word, read with your heart and your Soul will know witch step to take next. I am Mother Mary and I bless you with my compassionate love.” 

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